How did you get into music?

I guess I grew up around instruments - they were my toys as a child and an important part of the connection between me, my uncle and grandfather who both played. They saw my interest in music at an early enough age to take the time to sit me down and teach me chords, songs and little riffs. They'd have me practice in my room with the lights out encouraging me to use my ears.

Who are some of your influences?

John Lennon, Bob Marley and Eric Clapton come to mind right away.  However where I'm from in Canada there isn't a songwriter or musician who grew up in Winnipeg who doesn't cite Neil Young as a huge influence. Other great local singer/songwriters I admire are Scott Nolan and Sol James. Other local musical influences would include on a blues level Big Dave Mclean and Jay Nowicki of the Perpetrators.

What are some of your proudest moments in music?

At the age of 19 with $20 in my pocket and a guitar on my back  I hitchhiked from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and busked my way to Dawson City Yukon to pursue my grandfather's dream of panning for gold.  When I arrived in Dawson City I actually did find found gold and even more. I was hired to perform with the house band at The Westminster Hotel  AKA: The Pit. After an 8 month stint of performing 4-45’s, five nights a week I returned to Winnipeg with a tangible career in mind “Recording/Performing Artist/Songwriter”.  My guitar tone was once compared in a review to Fleetwood Mac founder "Peter Green". When I did more research about him it brought a tear to my eye to be complimented in such a way.

What's next? 

Mostly recording, tour planning and releasing more content. Building the "team" so that I may continue to share myself with as many people who will listen. My next project based on the subject matter of facing your "demons and self sabotage|... It's called "Brighter Days and Better Ways" I am hoping that the words that have come to me will continue to help me and those who hear them with their struggles... I am going to share a bit in hopes that it finds you well on your good fight towards "Brighter Days and Better Ways"....

"You've been trying for so hard, trying hard just to get ahead... When nothin' comes along and you feel like you'd be better off dead. You've been blaming yesterday, when it's not at all, it's all your fault, you choose to look the other way.. when you know in your heart, in your heart... that there's more to this life.. on a simple plane we'll fly... away through the night.. and find brighter days and better ways.. there's more to this life.. on a simple plane we'll fly... away through the night.. and find brighter days and better ways..."